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Welcome to Denver Endocrinology, diabetes, thyroid Center & (DEDTC). We appreciate the opportunity to participate in your health. We are conveniently located on the campus of the railway area to serve the Denver-Swedish Medical Center u. We offer specialized assistance in the areas of diabetes, disorders of bones and osteoporosis, cholesterol management, disorders of thyroid, adrenal disorders, pituitary gland, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and SubFunction testikuläre male dysfunction and a variety of other hormonal disorders. To book a appointment, please ask your fax of PCP with a request for a postponement and a copy of your medical records or you can use our physician referral form online. MissionOur is the goal of providing the function as a team with your provider of primary health care, with the highest quality tinnitus miracle forum of care to our patients. We offer evidence-based care and apply this knowledge in personal and integral manner to our patients.   We use the latest technology and progress to better meet your needs,.